April 23, 2018  |   Skincare 19 comments
If it's one thing I'm veryyyy serious about, it's my nighttime skincare routine. After a long day, I love to give my skin some much needed attention. Hello, double cleansing, jade rolling, masking and applying my favorite serum. And speaking of serums, I always get tons of questions about what se...
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April 23, 2018  |   Lifestyle 36 comments
Home decor... I'm super into it right now. I've recently added some cute, new things to our modern DTLA apartment and realized how easy it is to make a room feel brand new with just a few updates. Right now, I'm going for the lots of greenery vibe with gold accents and marble details. But guys, I...
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April 18, 2018  |   makeup, Skincare 60 comments
The number one skincare rule? ALWAYS wear sunscreen. We all know it. However, so many of us rely on just the SPF in our foundations and moisturizers to protect our skin. But listen up ladies, a tinted moisturizer or foundation with SPF 20 ain't gonna cut it! The solution? Wearing sunscreen as a base...
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April 16, 2018  |   Fashion, Style 34 comments
Fun fact about me: I pretty much wear sneakers every single day. If you catch me in heels, you better believe I've got a spare pair of sneaks to switch into close by. I know you guys love when I find good bargains and lately I've been seeing tons of cool sneakers on sale. I've rounded up some of my ...
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April 11, 2018  |   makeup 38 comments
Better weather is finally here and that can only mean one thing— post-work happy hour is about to become a regular thing again. And to help you go from desk to drinks in a hot minute, I've got the easiest makeup tip ever. Keep on reading to see how I transform my daytime eye makeup for a night out...
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April 5, 2018  |   makeup, sona selects 44 comments
Can you believe it's already April? I guess time flies when you're having fun! And speaking of fun, I've got some fun, new products I'm obsessed with. Last month I shared all my skincare favorites for Sona Selects, so this month I'll be sharing all my latest makeup favorites. Keep on reading to see ...
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April 3, 2018  |   makeup 47 comments
Let's talk BROWS. It's no secret that having thick, perfectly arched brows has become an obsession in the beauty world. Some of us may be genetically blessed with bold brows like Lily Collins, but for the rest of us...well, we can fake it. I've tried tons of eyebrow products and can finally say I've...
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March 29, 2018  |   makeup 39 comments
If you have oily skin, you know how difficult it can be to find makeup that works for your tricky skin type. By 1 pm, you can feel your foundation melting off and you're probably reaching for those blotting papers. Sound familiar? You're probably using the wrong makeup! With just a few key matte pro...
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March 27, 2018  |   Fashion, Style 31 comments
OK I have a confession... I own FIVE pairs of the same jeans (different colors, of course.) They're the Levi's 501 Skinny's and I'm totally obsessed. I pretty much wear them five times a week! This style typically costs around $98-$150, which is pretty practical considering how great they fit and ho...
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