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September 10, 2016

Simply Exploring Maui

Lifestyle, Travel
View from of the beach in Maui.

We just got back from Maui! Though we had to quickly jet off to NYFW, this vacation was the perfect way to get away and relax with a few of our friends. We’ve never been to Maui before and we loved it! Unfortunately there was a hurricane around the time that we were there, so (...)

September 8, 2016

Behind the Scenes at Simply Sona: Beauty Room Tour


One of the best parts of being a full time blogger is that I get to work from home (and with my hubby!) Though we go to a lot of meetings around the city, most of the behind the scenes magic happens right here in our apartment. Since we work at home, it was important (...)

August 29, 2016

Travel Tips to Survive Your Next Flight

Lifestyle, Travel
In-flight Travel Routine.

I’m in Hawaii!! As you guys know, I travel quite a bit, so I thought I’d reveal some of my survival travel tips with you all! Though vacations and travel can be glamorous, we all know that flights and airports are anything but chic. From going through airport security to being crammed in too-small seats, (...)

August 13, 2016

My Favorite Online Reads

Simply Sona shares her favorite online reads about Jourdan Dunn Beauty Routine

A few months ago I shared a list of my current favorite online reads to show you what inspires me. Today I decided to share a new set of links that I’ve been loving. This weeks edition includes a little bit of everything from fashion and beauty (of course), to an inspiring Olympic story and (...)

July 27, 2016

10 Best Restaurants In LA


One of my favorite things to do is get dressed up, do my makeup, and head out to a fabulous restaurant with KB and some friends to enjoy delicious food together!  LA is a huge city with so many different neighborhoods, each with their own set of fabulous restaurants.  Whether you live in LA or (...)

July 6, 2016

The Ultimate Summer Book Guide


Summer is a time when lots of us jet off for vacations or lounge by the pool to catch some sun and relax. There are some fabulous beaches close by that I love to go to for some sun, swimming, and hanging out. I think these are all great opportunities to break away from technology (...)

June 29, 2016

Summer Beauty Survival Kit

Beauty, Lifestyle
Summer Survival Kit

Hi guys, I am going to Palm Springs this weekend which I am really excited about. It’s always nice to get away for a little mini vacay especially when it’s for 4th of July! It will be nice to hang by the pool and catch some fire works too! Since I am packing my weekend (...)