July 5, 2018  |   Tips 11 comments
Chances are you're here because you want some expert advice on how to take your blog to the next level. As someone who has been blogging, vlogging and creating content for years, I've learned quite a few tricks along the way and I thought it was time to update my last post about starting a blog. Fro...
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Blogger Must-Haves
June 28, 2018  |   makeup 17 comments
We all love summer. Long days, summer fridays at work and weekends by the beach. But what do we all HATE about summer? The humidity and the heat. There's nothing cute or fun about worrying if your makeup is melting off your face. So to ensure there are no makeup meltdowns to ruin your summer fun, i...
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Best Setting Sprays
June 26, 2018  |   Fashion 22 comments
Summer is officially here and it's time to talk about my favorite summer accessory: the straw bag. Thanks to the warm weather in LA, I've been wearing this trend nonstop! It's the perfect outfit add-on to instantly make your outfit summer-ready. I love pairing all my summer dresses with a bamboo bag...
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Get the Trend
June 21, 2018  |   Lifestyle 20 comments
It's almost the weekend and because it's officially summer, I decided to share with you my favorite spots to visit in Los Angeles! Even though I've been living in LA for most of my life, I always try to make the weekends feel like I'm on vacay. I love leaving the hustle and bustle of DTLA and escapi...
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LA Faves
June 19, 2018  |   makeup 24 comments
Nothing can be more stressful than trying to navigate your way through the makeup counter, am I right? With tons and tons of different products on the market, I know how hard it is to know what you really need. So, whether you're new to the makeup world or are ready to start fresh with some new prod...
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June 16, 2018  |   Fashion 18 comments
It's that time again...and by time again, I mean the summer heat is in full force. It's around 80° in DTLA right now and I'm wearing jeans...BAD IDEA. So as I sit here burning up, I decided now is the perfect time to post my summer dress guide! Because let's face it, starting now it's pretty much a...
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Shop Summer Dresses
June 14, 2018  |   makeup 32 comments
Today we're talking primers. What the heck are they and do you really need one? The short answer: yes, you really need one. And if you're someone who usually skips this step, you're not alone! Many people think primers are just an "extra step" in a makeup routine, but they're actually a must. Whethe...
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My Primer Faves
June 11, 2018  |   Fashion, Style 18 comments
Last week I went from bulk ordering Kind Bars and pens for the office to somehow ending up with ten things in my cart from Amazon fashion. Who knew there were SO many cute things you could buy on Amazon? On a whim I decided to order a few t-shirts I found for under $6 bucks. And guess what, I'M IMP...
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Shop the Tee
June 6, 2018  |   Fashion, Style 34 comments
A blogpost all about my jewelry has been highly requested and it's finally here! Over the years, I have become more and more obsessed with minimal, dainty jewelry. Layering a few gold necklaces or rings is the perfect way to turn a basic outfit into a complete look. Whether it's an all black pantsui...
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