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June 3, 2014

Must Have Brush Set

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Investing in quality brushes is so important when it comes to makeup, especially if you’re a professional starting out. To make your life a little easier by saving you time and money, I suggest investing in Sigma’s Chrome Kit because of their price point, quality, and packaging. This kit includes 29 brushes for $417 plus 10% off with discount code SONA.  When I was an artist starting out, I didn’t have the opportunity of simply buying a brush set like the one Sigma now offers.  Honestly, I had to gradually build my own brush set by buying the brushes individually. It took me two whole years and cost me about  triple the price of the chrome set. Realistically, the chrome set is very comparable to Mac brushes when it comes to quality and you get every brush you’d need in a kit. It is also convenient because it comes with a brush holder that can be used on set. The only thing I would add to this set is Sigma’s F80 Kabuki brush, since I found it to be a staple in my own kit. The F80 really blends foundation so naturally and beautifully, but other than that the chrome set has everything you would need in your makeup kit!

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