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February 19, 2018

Makeup Brush 101: The Ones You Really Need

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If it’s one thing I’ve learned from being a makeup artist, it’s that a good set of makeup brushes is key to taking your makeup application to the next level. But with so many brushes out there in different sizes, shapes and materials, I know how difficult it can be to know exactly which ones (...)

April 26, 2016

9 Must-Have Makeup Brushes Every Girl Needs

Beauty, Makeup Brushes
9 must have brushes

If you’re looking for the makeup brushes you absolutely need in your arsenal, check out my updated post here!

So this has been a hot topic for my Snapchat Fam (if you’re not part of it, follow me: Simply_Sona) where I get a lot of inspiration for YouTube video ideas. You guys wanted to (...)

June 3, 2014

Must Have Brush Set

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Investing in quality brushes is so important when it comes to makeup, especially if you’re a professional starting out. To make your life a little easier by saving you time and money, I suggest investing in Sigma’s Chrome Kit because of their price point, quality, and packaging. This kit includes 29 brushes for $417 plus (...)

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